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About Us

I would not take my laptop anywhere else to be serviced  than PC Innovations.

  John DiTullio 

"Where Customer Service Is Not A Department, It's An Attitude"TM


PC Innovations was established in the mid 90’s as a computer sales and service business. The business  continued to grow rapidly over the years and has established itself with a strong customer service attitude.  In fact the slogan for PC Innovations is:  "Customer Service is not a department it's an attitude"

​Digital document strategies were a growing part of PC Innovations for over 20 years. Over those 20 years they painfully evaluated and tested several solutions for paperless documentation.

PC Innovations to concentrate on the computer sales and service end of the business while focusing primarily on Business Onsite Computer and Networking Support as well as Electronic Document Management Systems. PC Innovations has pulled together the best industry leading solutions to handle Electronic Documents that include Workflow, Retention, Share and much more.

PC Innovations leads the way in developing innovative, scalable, Electronic Document Management and Workflow Strategies. Some of their winning solutions include EDMS, Cloud Strategies, Network Support and is a leader in helping companies control their costs..


PC Innovations vision is to give businesses a competitive advantage. This is done by maximizing document availability and system up-time, to ensure nonstop business productivity, simplify storage and accessibility to its documents and improving efficiency to reduce operational costs.

PC Innovations helps companies eliminate filing mistakes, lost and misplaced documents, and recapture floor space for growth. They also eliminate the cost of offsite document storage creating centralize filing for immediate access.

PC Innovations is also a "Women In Business enterprise.

PC Innovations started in 1995.  They were one of the first computer repair shops in Rochester.  In the early years PC Innovations was only doing repairs and computer sales to businesses.  Then in 1997 after moving to their present location PC Innovations began servicing and selling computers to both businesses and consumers.  This change was brought about by the overwhelming demand to service the computers owned by employees of these businesses.


In 2001 PC Innovations ownership was transferred to a woman owner.  Also in 2001 PC Innovations became a Xerox Service Authorized Dealership offering Total Office Solutions.  This included servicing, selling XEROX Products and Kodak Scanners and software. From that time PC Innovations has worked on providing Electronic Document Management Systems. After years of evaluating many products in the marketplace, PC Innovations has become an expert on Electronic Document Management.  We offer Onsite Networking and computer systems repair. Also including offsite backup, remote management, preventative maintenance and many other cost reducing productivity gaining systems. A big part of today’s success of PC Innovations is that this is a family business. PC Innovations strength is in their service department.  Both in computer repairs and in the custom computers they make. 

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