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Storage Applications


Data Protection - Your data is safe with our solutions
Protecting your company’s data is as important to us as it is to you. We partner with top vendors from around the world to develop all-encompassing, enterprise-class data protection solutions to help your organization efficiently protect, archive and recover data.


Media and Entertainment - Stay competitive with smart solutions
Successful Media & Entertainment production starts with reliable access to digital data throughout the workflow process. But it doesn’t end there. To stay competitive, your company needs the high-density, flexible storage that Imation excels in: cost-effective, efficient, fast.


Archive - Get peace of mind with powerful protection
Imation solutions protect and store files for long-term retention while reducing the size and cost of primary storage and the complexity of secure archive. Stringent data integrity features like file-fingerprinting ensure the file you save is the file you will retrieve, time after time.

AssureonSecure Archive Storage


The ultimate in data storage security…and so much more.
Don't just settle for security. Imation's Nexsan® Assureon® can reduce storage costs and boost user efficiency, all while protecting high-value data in conformity with the toughest corporate governance and governmental regulatory requirements. Easy to manage and cloud-ready, Assureon offers data storage security - and much more.


Best For: Data Protection-Archive - Healthcare


Assureon Data Sheet


Assureon Spec Sheet


Guaranteed Data Integrity


Protect your high-value data and fulfill all corporate governance and government regulatory needs with constant data verification.


Storage Optimization


Transparently offloads expensive primary storage without the need for custom APIs or changes to the applications.


Cloud Connectivity


Assureon can be configured to allow multiple applications, departments or even companies to securely operate with complete separation.  



E-Series – High Density Storage


E-Series High Density Storage. Efficient by design. Shrink your storage footprint, save on power and cost, and spend less time administrating storage. Imation's Nexsan® E-Series™ SAN storage solutions are so ultra dense and super efficient, they help organizations increase capacity while consuming less than one-third the power in one-third the rack space as typical storage arrays.


Best For: Data Protection – DVS Storage - Media & Entertainment - SAN


E-Series Data Sheet


E-Series Spec Sheet


Automatic Power Savings


Save up to 87% on energy costs with AutoMAID® power management. Each RAID set can have its drives progress into deeper power savings.  AutoMAID is ideal for backup to disk or bulk storage; interface allows you to easily customize or change power policy. 


Availability with Hot-swap Management


Density without application downtime - ActiveDrawer Technology™ enables IT managers to easily service drives or fans while the system is being actively used without heavy lifting or having to power down.


Reliability from State-of-the-Art Vibration Control


Improve system performance and reliability with Anti-Vibration Design, featuring hard drives that are arranged in couplets and counter-rotated to eliminate vibrations between drives.

NST  - Hybrid Storage


Imation's Nexsan® NST® combines high performance, high capacity and Imation’s innovative FASTier® caching technology to provide scalable performance for mixed application workloads and virtualized environments. NST fulfills changing application and storage needs with unified NAS and SAN access capabilities in a single hybrid solution. This lets you right-size your initial acquisition by scaling storage, performance, or both as your company grows. NST’s data compression reduces its storage system footprint and improves write efficiency to cache and storage.


Best For: Hybrid Data Protection - Media & Entertainment – Virtualization


Performance Agility


Compared with traditional caching techniques, FASTier® hybrid caching accelerates performance for mixed application workload environments.


Unified Flexibility


Unified Hybrid Storage provides transparent scaling of application and using block (iSCSI) and file (CIFS, NFS, FTP) network protocols.


Hybrid Scalability


Scalable storage options let you scale storage capacity and performance with FASTier caching to meet your business’s changing needs. 



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