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Does Your Company Have A Document Contingency Plan?

Did you know that 62 percent of businesses are now using the cloud?  Documents are secure, 100% compliant (HIPPA, FINRA, Sarbanes Oxley, etc.) and very easy to access.

What is your contingency plan?  Only 6 percent of companies suffering from a catastrophic data loss survive, while 43% never reopen and 51 percent close within two years. 

If you came into work one morning to find your office has been destroyed, would your business recover?

- What would happen if you lost all your paper documents?
- Are electronic documents that are scattered across many different workstations now useless?
- Have you lost valuable email messages?
- Where are your case records?
- What would you do?

Paper documents stored in file cabinets are susceptible to fire and flood.  You cannot recover a paper document that has been destroyed by a fire or a flood.  But the problem goes beyond your paper files.  Electronic documents stored on workstations and servers across your operation are equally vulnerable to catastrophic loss.

With the cloud you will be back up and running within hours verses months.  It’s here and it’s just going to be adopted more and more.

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