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Document Management, Workflow
and Content Sharing Solutions

We believe every business has the right to go paperless
Efficient, Secure, and Accessible Documents


Imagine your filing cabinets, piles of paper and disorganized computer files gone, replaced by a searchable, indexed digital document repository. That’s what you get with PCI Total Office Solutions. The days of lost documents, poor version control and spotty compliance are over. PCI makes it easy to file documents, insert them into automated workflows driven by business rules, then securely share them with vendors and clients. Best of all, your employees don’t need to learn a whole new filing system. Our solutions mimic your existing workflows, processes and corporate culture — only without the paper.


Theft. Unauthorized duplication. Flood. Fire. Paper, by its nature, is vulnerable to any number of security threats. And physical backup copies consume valuable space and are harmful to the environment. With digital document management from Cabinet, your files are instantly more secure. Administrators can set access levels by document or by user, ensuring only authorized employees, vendors and clients can view or modify files. And full audit trails ensure privacy and compliance with statutes like HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley.


No matter your industry or your business’ size, PCI has a solution for you. We’ve worked with many companies to develop solutions that extend document management capabilities to existing systems and provide integration with the third-party applications they rely on. You don’t need hundreds of employees and a huge IT budget to enjoy the benefits of world-class document management software. With our products, it’s not just any paperless office.

In the event of a disaster, the goal is to be able to quickly procure a temporary office, install computer systems and restore all required documents and information that enables a business to function. The biggest differentiator between a backup plan and a disaster recovery plan is maintaining a copy of your critical documents in an off-site location.

• Consolidate documents of all types into an EDMS
• Create a backup strategy
• Implement your backup processes
• Test your restore capabilities
• Ensure your backup medium is stored at an off-site location

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