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We Believe Every Business Has The Right To Go Paperless


Imagine your filing cabinets, piles of paper and disorganized computer files gone, replaced by a searchable, indexed digital document repository. That’s what you get with PCI Total Office Solution. The days of lost documents, poor version control and spotty compliance are over.

PC Innovations makes it easy to file documents, insert them into automated workflows driven by business rules, then securely share them with vendors and clients.

​Does Your Company Have A
Contingency Plan?


Only 6 percent of companies suffering from a catastrophic data loss survive, while 43% never reopen and 51 percent close within two years.


If you came into work one morning to find your office has been destroyed, would your business recover?

What would happen if you lost all your paper documents?.................................

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Document Management Solutions

Maybe a document has been lost resulting in a financial loss, or file cabinets are taking over office space, or customers wait for call backs while customer service searches for documents, or people in branch offices have to send documents to the head office every day.

Whatever the reason, and there are many more, business owners and managers are looking to get rid of operational bottlenecks caused by outdated methods of storing and retrieving documents. What seems on the surface to be a pretty simple concept – convert paper to images and keep them on the computer – can become a challenge without taking time to put together a plan...............


You have an alarm on your car and house. Why don’t you have an alarm on the most important piece of your business? Someone alerts you of immanent issues with your house (power failure, motion detector). Guard Dog can alert and resolve issues before they stop your business in its tracks. Proactive network maintenance is the most cost-effective way to avoid disruptions to your business. It is easy to think that the...................

​Guard Dog Network Solution

Why Does Your Company Need Proactive Network Maintenance?

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